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Video Modeling

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Video modeling is an evidence-based practice used to teach social skills, communication, cognitive/academic skills, self-care routines and vocational skills. Therapist and educators are using video self-modeling in the clinic, classroom, work setting, home, and community. Not only is the video modeling an important tool for teaching a client, it is a valuable assessment and progress report tool as well as a valuable tool for self-improvement and staff training. This session will share information, research resources and case example videos of video modeling. Participants will learn how to use task analysis to plan their videos, capture video using iphones or ipads, edit video using the iMovie app and learn how to implement video modeling into the daily routine. Though video modeling is not new, it is becoming increasingly popular not only because of the results but because of the tools for video capture, editing and presentation are easily accessible and easy to learn.

Session Objectives:

  1. Describe video modeling
  2. State 3 resources for evidence-based research
  3. State 3 pre-requisite steps for video modeling
  4. State required equipment for video capture and video editing
  5. State 3 implementation strategies for video modeling


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