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SOL is a session with plenty of demonstrations and information that will take you from assessment to implementation. Educators, OTs, SLPs including the beginner through intermediate will benefit from this session. First we will look at assessments then tools, strategies and resources. You will see a variety of assessment tools including the ASNAT, EMC3, Compass and the use of video. You will see and learn about a variety of switches including mechanical through programmable electronic switches, using your ipad as switch and accessing your ipad with a switch. You will see demonstrations of switch activities including software from a variety of companies as well as online switch resources. Participants will enjoy seeing video case examples of students successfully using their switches at the computer and for powered mobility. This session will help you get started with switch use, motivate the stagnate switch user and progress the present switch user to higher levels.

Switch On Learning 2015



iPad Accessibility: Focus on Special Education and School Based Therapy

The iPad is a highly engaging and versatile tool and research indicates that iPads play a statistically significant role in increased student achievement in the area of literacy. This session would be beneficial to all Therapists looking to improve their skills with the iPad and especially those working with physical disabilities, sensory deficits, attention deficits, accessibility challenges with reading and writing and students on the autism spectrum. First, you will learn about the accessibility options built into the iPad iOS. mounting options for accessibility and switch use for accessibility. This session will review apps and implementation strategies from cause and effect to written composition, scheduling and communication, talking interactive books to textbooks, exercise programming to video modeling. There will be demonstrations, case examples, videos and hands on activities. Please bring your iPads for hands on learning. Additional online resources will be provided for continued self-study.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to identify:

  1. iOS accessibility features
  2. Features of switch access
  3. 3 bluetooth switch interfaces
  4. 3 switch accessible apps
  5. accessible mounting systems





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